"... we are nothing without our volunteers ..."

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How to Become a Volunteer

There is no way we would be able to do a fraction of the work we do without our volunteers. Our projects are so successful because we have a dedicated group of local volunteers who we can call on at anytime. However, it would be great to have more!!

Anyone who is interested in helping out for a few hours here or there or on short term activities i.e. 1-7 days or so would be very welcome. Give us a call or send us an email to find out what we are up to.

If you have some time and energy to give for a worthwhile cause and to enjoy the park while contributing to its environment, we would be happy to hear from you.

General Information

Prior registration is required for all projects. To register, or for specific activity information, please contact Project Tongariro directly or submit the form on this page.

Phone: +64 7 386 6499


Check our website, our newsletter, or phone us during business hours to find out specific dates relating to some projects.

Fitness Level Guide

Activities in this booklet are ranked according to the following fitness requirements:

Low: Capable of tramping with a small pack for up to three hours over fairly easy terrain.

Medium: Capable of tramping with a pack for three to seven hours over sometimes difficult terrain.

High: Capable of tramping with a pack for eight hours or more over difficult terrain and sometimes arduous conditions.

What to Bring

Please note that Tongariro National Park experiences alpine weather conditions that can change extremely quickly and produce strong, cold winds and even snow at any time of year. Volunteers should ensure they have adequate windproof and waterproof clothing.

Personal Gear:

  • Tramping boots (preferably with ankle support)

  • Day pack

  • Your lunch, snacks and drink

  • Personal first aid/medication

  • Raincoat and waterproof leggings

  • Sunhat

  • Sunscreen and insect repellent

  • Spare warm clothes (jersey, woollen shirt etc)

As well as these, you may require other gear, depending on the activity:

  • Togs and towel

  • Gardening gloves

  • Planting spades

  • Sleeping bag

  • Torch

If you have any enquiries about gear to bring, please ask us in advance of the activity day


Phone: +64 7386 6499 or email: info@tongariro.org.nz 
if you are keen to volunteer on any of the projects or have any questions.