Adopt a Hectare

You can directly help the Restoring Rotopounamu Project by ‘Adopting a Hectare’. It takes roughly $100.00 per annum to maintain 1 hectare of native bush at Lake Rotopounamu. By adopting a hectare you have the opportunity to bring back the birdsong to this remarkable and accessible example of New Zealand biodiversity.


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Rotopounamu - Pihanga has been identified as a representative site in terms of indigenous biodiversity and cultural values. Its geography and access lend it for a successful integrated pest management plan. The approach targets the entire ecosystem focusing on a multitude of threats, using different control techniques and community involvement.


Join our Trapping Crew

We have an active volunteer crew that manage the trap lines at Rotopounamu. Volunteers are are an extremely important part of the integrated pest management plan that has been underway at this site for well over a decade. If you are keen to support the project ongoing, helping maintain a trapline is a great way to get involved.