Predator Free Waitahanui (PFW) has been set up as a volunteer organisation to coordinate pest control in and around our Waitahanui community. We will be eradicating predators, which kill birds, eat bird-eggs, damage trees and are generally unwanted. We will not use 1080 or other poisons around Waitahanui. We have support from Tauhara College and others so that the costs to you are minimal. As a result of your feedback in this survey, we may help you  install pest repelling devices in your home and traps outside your home. We are happy to remove trapped animals from your own or public grounds. We may also help with and organise clearing of difficult accessible shrubs and areas which hide predators and plant native trees in those areas instead. This project is part of the project which wants to make New Zealand predator-free by 2050. For more detais see:

Please provide the information below and on the following pages, so we can decide priorities for pest eradication. We have some traps available right now for urgent cases or may install some monitoring equipment in suitable places.

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