Our Mission

People come and go; but the land endures.
Toitu he kainga; whatu-ngarongaro he tangata.

Our Mission

Conservation and enhancing the environment is a massive task in New Zealand and one that everyone needs to contribute to.  Project Tongariro provides an opportunity for individuals, groups, schools and businesses to be involved and to help through funding, supporting or volunteering.

Project Tongariro also helps promote an understanding and knowledge of Tongariro National Park, a dual World Heritage Area, and other special places through visits, volunteering, events, publications and assisting student research.

We work with partners to:

  • Fund and deliver conservation projects
  • Provide opportunities for public to engage in conservation initiatives
  • Support the Department of Conservation and other conservation groups to achieve positive environmental outcomes
  • Facilitate opportunities for public to discover and experience Tongariro National Park and its environs.
  • Publish and sell various publications
  • Provide research grants for students

Our Mission Statement

To promote a wider knowledge and appreciation of the unique
natural heritage, historic, educational and recreational values of Tongariro National Park and its enivrons.

Our Goals

There are four key goals based on the Society's mission:

  1. Natural Heritage
  2. History

  3. Education

  4. Recreation

Our Actions

The Society's vision will be achieved in a variety of ways, by offering special opportunities to its members and by reaching out to a wider audience.


  • maintain a programme of field and other activities such as lectures for Society members offering opportunities to explore, connect and understand the park
  • where possible, offer field trip opportunities for Society members to visit other reserves and parks elsewhere in New Zealand
  • share ideas, progress and results of our work with our members
  • Encourage camaraderie and conviviality through shared activities, meals and overnight stays


  • publishing, selling and distributing information about the ecology, natural and human history of the park
  • maintaining a website
  • by actively supporting public programmes such as the DOC summer nature programme
  • by running profile-raising community events such as Kite Day and the Tussock Traverse
  • through active involvement in selected conservation work in and around Tongariro National Park, and related reserves in consultation with the department
  • By providing regular updates on activities and projects
  • Offer scientific research opportunities to students in the park
  • Seek volunteers from the community to assist in a variety of ways with our projects and activities
  • Seek sponsorship to assist the Society to achieve its Vision
  • Ensure the executive and society members to stay in touch by encouraging regular opportunities to get together and by continuing to schedule shared AGM/activity weekends