Rotopounamu Update January 2012

Rotopounamu Update January 2012

As at 20 January 2012 Report from Ian McNickle, Ranger Biodiversity DOC

Here are the results from the latest tracking tunnel round at Rotopounamu. Nathaniel has processed the cards and entered the data and the results are once again great!!

  • 1 x possum on line 2

  • 1 x Rat on line 3

  • Nil mice

  • 41 of the 70 cards had weta tracking on them

The contractors have completely replaced all of the bait in the bait stations with fresh stuff and this will be left in place until the end of February. Thanks again to all of the people who ran the lines.



As they say, "The mail must get through" so when the crew checked the traps at Rotopounamu and went right round the lake, they got wet feet! Good work guys. Thanks to Kevin Griffiths for the snaps!


Roel Michels