Rotopounamu Update December 2011

Rotopounamu Update December 2011

Project Tongariro is pleased to confirm that several grant applications have recently been successful, to the tune of $40,000, which secures the 2011/2012 summer forest restoration programme at Rotopounamu. The grants are from Huckleberry’s Sports and Charitable Society ($5,000) , Sir John Logan Campbell Residuary Estate ($20,000), and W N Pharazyn Trust ($15,000).

Karen Williams, Project Tongariro president says the recent grants are a strong show of support for what has become the most significant forest restoration project in the district. “The rats and stoats have been hit hard and many of the birds are making a comeback. Rifleman and the North Island robin are often seen and the larger birds like kaka, kereru and falcon have returned.”

In addition, the Adopt a Hectare initiative continues to be popular with several more adoptions since our last newsletter. To become a kaitiaki (guardian) of a hectare and help restore the dawn chorus, hop online to view the map and to select your hectare.

Report from Ian McNickle, Ranger Biodiversity, DOC

Recent tracking tunnels results look great, only picking up one mouse and two rats. Kevin was the only one to pick up any rodents (all on line 1) which is always subject to re-invasion being so close to the boundary of the bait station network. One possum got into a tunnel up on line 13 and weta tracking has tripled since the last round.

December 2011 results are rats at 3% and mice at 1%. The following graph shows the positive trend track tunnel index results from Aug 09 to Dec 11.


Roel Michels