New Website Project Tongariro

Project Tongariro website updated on 13 December 2018

We reviewed the Project Tongariro website and concluded, that an update was overdue. The main reasons for the update were the following:

  • Efficient and up-to-date use of technology

  • Review of outdated content with conservation of archival material

  • Increased focus on events marketing and calendar

  • Preparation for integration with Social Media

  • Full compatibility with modern hand-held devices

During the review we found, that a lot of the content of the old site had to be maintained in more or less original form. The ‘Recent News’ page was renamed to ‘News’ to allow for browsing through ‘Old News’ (Tongariro Times etc) with interesting articles to be left in their old format. ‘Tongariro Journals’ can be directly accessed and read and other publications can be purchased in our ‘Shop’.

The future is in more interactive content via social media tools, subscription to groups (such as those for our volunteers or people with specific interests), discussion panels and blogs.

Feedback is always welcome and will be reviewed for further updates and reviews. So please:

Roel Michels