Tongariro Times January 2018

Tongariro Times January 2018


How can you help?

With a growing role in conservation work within our rohe we have assessed our needs and looked at key areas and priorities where volunteers can assist in ways a little different from our traditional planting, event marshalling and BBQ duty.

We do approach individuals with skills on a project basis with a good example being the work the help Lianne Fraser has given with our new Strategic Plan and design of our replacement display at the Whakapapa Visitor Centre.

Can you help? We are currently looking for skilled assistance in the following areas-

  • Managing our Website -ongoing

  • Managing our Facebook pages-ongoing

  • Data entry/word processing -2 or 3 times a year

  • Coordinating our Events-there are currently 4 events a year

    • Coordinating will include emailing members for interest and allocating tasks

    • Maintaining schedules of tasks

    • Informing members of requirements

    • Ability to use spreadsheets an advantage

    • Note there is no need to personally commit to physically attending all the events.

If you think you may be able to help or have questions please contact Paul or Kiri.

We are looking at other tasks that need help and will seek interest. We do not want to over tax any one person in allocating these responsibilities.  Ideally we would like to have members in these roles but where there is a gap we will pursue other volunteer networks looking for help.

NEW EVENT - RING OF FIRE Volcanic relay, marathon & ultra


This year Jason Cameron and partners have added a new event that is a run around Mt Ruapehu on the “Round the Mountain track” -scheduled for 7 April with a weather contingency day of 8 April.

Project Tongariro have been asked to provide marshalls at huts Whakapapaiti, Mangaturuturu, Mangaehuehu, Rangipo and Waihohonu. The route runs anti clockwise from Whakapapa Village.

Marshalls are required to be at huts overnight on Saturday night and in most instances will need be at the huts on Friday night due to an early race start on Saturday. Marshalls are also required to be able to stay Sunday night as a contingency if the start is delayed. 

Duties will be well defined in coming weeks - but in short are to report progress/difficulties via radio communication, distribute hydration drinks etc, and look after athletes who may need care. It is stressed first aid experience is an advantage but that primary first aid is provided on course by Peak Safety.

  • We have been asked to provide 2-3 marshall at each hut

  • We ask you to express your interest at this point but stress we may need to select marshalls based on past experience as marshalls.

  • Indicate your first aid skills and experience

  • Please indicate your preferred site (we will do our best to meet your wishes).

We would like to have your confirmation of interest by 10 February 2018please to Kiri.



We are hosting a thank you Volunteer BBQ (including family members) at the Tongariro National Trout Centre (near Turangi) on Saturday 24 February - 4 pm onwards.

The event is largely to say “thank you“ to our local volunteers, but to any members who can make it are welcome to attend. We will provide food and the odd drink.  Our Executive is meeting that day and will also be present.  

Please let Kiri know by 21 February (for catering reasons) if you can attend.


Paul and Kiri

Roel Michels