Natural Heritage

Lake Rotopoumanu

Project Tongariro and the Department of Conservation (DOC) have been working together to protect the native biodiversity of Mt Pihanga and Lake Rotopounamu since 2003 by adopting a sustained integrated management approach.

The area is a part of Tongariro National Park and the World Heritage Site.

Project Tongariro and Department of Conservation are busy restoring the Waimarino Recreation Reserve by removing willow trees in this part of the South Taupo wetlands. Waimarino is a rich mix of dry land, wetland and open water lagoon, with native plants and birds important to wildlife conservation, all of which will benefit from removing grey and crack willow currently choking the reserve.

Kiwi eggs are often uplifted by DoC staff when it's observed that the eggs are being neglected and hatching is at risk. The eggs are carefully packed, padded and kept at a comfy temperature for transport from  the forest by foot and or quad bike then ute to Turangi. Here they are met by volunteers who then transport them to the "Kiwi Encounter " at Rainbow Springs, Rotorua. 

Greening Taupō is an opportunity for Taupō residents and businesses to participate in a community conservation initiative