• Alpine and Forest Plants of Tongariro National Park
    A quick field guide to the plants you are likely to encounter on your visit to Tongariro National Park. Handy spiral bound book.
    NZ$ 24.95
  • Ruapehu Erupts
    Updated edition of this popular book written by Karen Williams and Harry Keys and originally published in 1996. Now covering the more recent flurries of activity and the 2007 dam-burst of the crater lake.
    NZ$ 15.00
  • Skiing on the Volcano
    A historical photo collection of Skiing on Mount Ruapehu.
    NZ$ 4.00
  • The Restless Land
    The Park Handbook. Contains extensive information and pictures of this World Heritage Site, from its legends and history, to the park today, its geology and ecology and recreation opportunities.
    NZ$ 17.25
  • The Tongariro Crossing
    A must for all who are thinking of undertaking the Tongariro Crossing, or those who have already completed it. Trip and track information for each section, along with the history and geological make up of the mountains. Invaluable section on what you need for this amazing journey
    NZ$ 7.00
  • Tongariro Activity Book 2
    Following on from the success of the first Tongariro Activity Book we now have another to keep those young kids entertained and educated at the same time!
    NZ$ 7.00
  • Tongariro Forest Adventure Map
    A must for anyone planning a trip into the Tongariro Forest. Has information on tracks such as 42 Traverse, points of interest such as the Okupata Caves and Kiwi Clearing. Also a run down on the history of the area. Invaluable reference for mountain bikers, hunters, quad bike riders and trampers.
    NZ$ 5.75
  • Volcanoes of the South Wind - A Volcanic Guide to Tongariro National Park
    First published in 1985, author Karen Williams has re-written this much-loved volcanic guide from start to finish. The book remains a comprehensive field guide to the remarkable landscape of the dual World Heritage site of Tongariro National Park. It tells the turbulent story of a volcanic complex that continues to make headlines.
    NZ$ 46.00

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