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Lahar! Lahar!
From Eruption to Dam Burst - A case study featuring Mount Ruapehu 1995 – 2007. This DVD is available for a donation of $15.00.
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This educational resource (PC DVDROM) captures images of the awe-inspiring eruptions of Mt. Ruapehu during 1995-1996 which built an ash and debris barrier (tephra dam) at the Crater Lake. It also generated fears of the possibility of major downstream damage to life and property – in a repeat of the Tangiwai Rail tragedy of 1953 in which 151 lives were lost.

The DVD follows events, issues and management strategies as they unfolded during this period including the ultimate resolution provided by collapse of the tephra dam and the resulting major lahar of March 2007. Mitigation work and warning systems ensured minimum damage and no loss of life.

The DVD forms a unique case study which was described by Prime Minister Helen Clark as a perfectly-managed event and by others as the clockwork lahar.

The DVD is available for a donation of $15.00.

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